Friday, August 6, 2010

Makande rural clinic

Makande rural clinic situated 60 kilometres south-west of Karoi town was forced to close for two weeks after nurses fled following attacks by ‘’goblins’’ prompting traditional leaders to hire people to exorcise the area (tsikamutandas).

Makande isa malaria prone area is under Chief Musampakaruma of Nyaminyami’s Kariba rural area.

Villagers said the goblins attacks came at a time when nurses were busy with a malaria programme aimed at reducing malaria related deaths, which are prevalent in the area.

Villager Edmore Mukapa of Kadziro area said, ‘’we were not expecting goblins to attack nurses who are trying hard to reduce malaria outbreak here. It’s unfortunate for us’’

A teacher at Makande primary school said school children were also causalities of attacks daily. The whole area being prone to Tokoloshi.

‘’Goblins attacking nurses leave us vulnerable. Goblins owners do not accept payments to their demands. You can not force them to accept the payments because of the Witch-craft Suppression Act. It’s a complicated issue’’ said a teacher who refused to be named for fear of victimisation. They seem to be beeing controled by people in the area.  But who?

Chief Musampakaruma hired tsikamutandas to expose suspects possessing goblins after nurses were attacked.

Villagers hailed the move to hire tsikamutandas to ‘’clean up witchcraft’’ although Chief Musampakaruma was not available for comment.

Nyaminyami council chief executive officer Isaac Mackenzie confirmed that traditional leaders hired tsikamutanda following complaints by victims of the attacks.

Although tsikamutandas are accused of sowing divisions among families and villagers, in Makande rural their presence is a reprieve.

‘’The attacks on nurses was unwarranted. Nurses are the last line of duty to combat malaria which is common here. Traditional leaders believe hiring of tsikamutandas will clean the area.’’ said Mackenzie.

It could not be independently verified from Hurungwe hospital that covers Makande of recorded malaria related deaths as the officials were out of office. Mashonaland West has had an outbreak of malaria since May.

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