Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What happened to Dr Gombera?

Dr Gombera was the president of the True N'angas Association of Central Africa. He went to consuklt as woman n'anga who specialised in treating high blood pressure cases.

He was known to suffer from high blood pressure and had gone to Goromonzi to see this woman - he failed to see her and collapsed at a bus shelter on his way back to Harare and died on the spot.

However was that the end? My father claimed to have seen him and discussed his 'chemist' some week or so after he died. What did they discuss? We do not know but on hearing that Dr Gombera was dead my father did not believe the story - who did he meet? Was it Dr Gombera's ghost? We will never know!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Strange smells!

Over the last week or so we have been experiencing strange odors in the house. They do not seem to be associated with anything cooking or about the area. What are they?

Sometimes it is food cooking - with nothing on the stove. Sometimes it is a strange perfume that we do not recognise. Sometimes it is coffee brewing. I am sure that the house has a poltergeist. Things disappear and reappear where they should not be and now the smells! Strangely enough everything seems very calm and there is no sense of menace. We have no young children in the house and these phenomenon have only appeared after our children left the home. They are both well grown up. What can be the explanation? Both my husband and myself experience these smells or odors at the same time and the experience is the same.

Any ideas?

Friday, September 12, 2008

A picture from the past.

I wrote some time ago about the lady in red who appeared to my husband and I. I have now found a picture of the lady who appeared to us. Consuelo appears on the right - next to her is Peggy Dexter who was the chair lady of the Birmingham City Ballet in Alabama. Picture was taken about 1956.