Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A closed Door

Last night we went to bed as normal leaving open the door to the hall and the one into out bathroom leading off the bedroom.  During the night I got up and as it was pitch dark made my way to the bathroom - I banged into the closed door!  There was no wind and the door had definitely been open when we went to bed.  we leave the door open every night - our dog who sleeps on our bed has a water bowl there and if the door had blown closed she would have made a fuss - she even barks if a cat walks past the house!  So what happened - is  our ghost at work again!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Telephone off the hook

I got up this morning and found the telephone off the hook in the hallway.  We had not used the telephone at all the previous day.  There was the normal tone coming from the phone as if it had recently beeen removed and the handset was placed carefully on top of the telephone directory - not like it had accidently been knocled off onto the table.  Anither strange appearance!  There was no one in the house except my husband and myself.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Poltergeist again!

And who says that ghosts don't know anything about modern technology!

We have no idea where our poltergeist comes from - we have no children in the house - unless one counts the dogs!

Yesterday our remote control for the decoder suddenly stopped working - so did the remote for the television.  it would not allow us to change channels or to mute the sound.  having changed the batteries, recharged the existing ones and re inserted into the remotes - we gave up - obviously the remotes were worn out and useless.  After ringing our service provider and being told that there were no replacements in the country - we decided to give in and use the manual route - this worked well - probably gave us a bit of extra exercise as well!

The following morning I absently picked up the remote to change the channel and it was working again!  So was the remote to the television.

No explanation except that our poltergeist must have been at work again - but why? 

Our younger son is away at the moment and we have noticed that his dog is continually looking at what we see as a blank spot and growling.  i have suggested that the little boy and the dog are keeping us company in our son's absence  Perhaps the remote was also part of his plan - a little 'joke' ghost style!