Thursday, August 26, 2010

A book about Ghosts - not in Africa but makes interesting reading


Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain has been published by
Healings of Atlantis Ltd and is available on Amazon and at:

For further information please contact Amanda Owen on:
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ISBN NUMBER: 978-1-907126-06-2
Ghost’s and hauntings… These words convey to some individuals, an in-depth fear of the paranormal. The chilling thought that deceased persons have in some cases, returned from the grave to once again appear, if only in shadowy form and to fill us with fear of their grimly presences, is a fact that few seriously minded persons cannot now dismiss.
Strange tales of ghosts and hauntings can be found from all corners of the earth and records show that accounts of ghostly presences go well back into antiquity. As a researcher on the paranormal, Malcolm takes from his files, incredible tales of ghosts and paranormal events. He also shares with us his own ghostly encounters of which he has had more than his fair share! This book covers some amazing cases from haunted council houses to haunted castles. Malcolm brings forward personal accounts from people who have had first hand dealings with ghosts. Their testimonies will shock and in a court of law these would be hard to dismiss.

Malcolm has lectured extensively on UFOs and the Paranormal all over the UK, Ireland and Holland, and was the first Scot to lecture on American soil in Laughlin Nevada in 2009. Malcolm has appeared regularly on TV both in the UK and all over the world and has assisted newspapers and radio stations with information on UFOs and the Paranormal.

In this his second book, Malcolm clearly shows that within the pages of this book, evidence can be found of ghosts that will make even the biggest of sceptics sit up and take notice. Britain is known worldwide for its ghostly tales and this book contributes to the growing testimony that shows that whatever we may think ghosts are, there is no denying that, come what may, they are real as the cases from frightened witnesses in this book clearly show. A stunning and frightening look at some of Britain’s ghostly case files. Read on if you dare!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mutare Ghost


When Iwas younger, about maybe 4-6, I don't remember how old I was, I was visiting some family friends with my parents. We used to live in Harare, Zimbabwe at that time, and these friends lived in Mutare.

Mutare is a hilly sort of a place, and their house is on one side of the hill, and opposite on another hill almost at the top is a church. You know how hills are joined together, there's a dip between the two peaks. Well, I was sitting outside in their lawn just looking at the hills opposite, when I saw a white human figure flit down one side of a hill and up on to the other hill and went up to where the church stood, and then disappeared. I know what I saw, I remember it like it happened yesterday, and I know it was a human figure, only no human i have ever heard of can go so fast on no road......and that too on a hill.....

Ancient City of Great Zimbabwe.

From Donette Read Kruger

I believe but that is only because I have had several very different experiences, the most recent while visiting the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe in Oct 2006. Our tour guide had taken the group down to the Museum but I remained behind walking around on my own within those ancient granite walls when I realised I was being followed. I then noticed that on the other side of a low wall there were four young teenage boys with dreadlocks and, wearing only groin skins, crouched down and moving along on the other side of the wall to keeping up with me. My immediate reaction, unaware they were spirits, was to greet them and that is when I also noticed the long dry grass in which they were moving was bending over. When I looked back at them say "Hello" again, they were not there. And afterwards I realised there was no long grass either. I understand that ghosts do exist, but in another dimension and it is only when we are least expecting it we might have the privilege to see or experience their presence. I immediately left the Monument and went down to see our tour guide but was quite deflated when he told me I was not the only one to have seen ghosts at the Ancient City of Great Zimbabwe.

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Ghost in the Kitchen - a story from Mel

This is an interesting story -

I have lived near grave sites in the past and had no strange expereinces.
"As a ninety year old woman you can imagine the number of things that I have seen in my time. I believe in the supernatural world as a result of Many years. One of my oldest encounters with a ghost (if that's what you would prefer to Call them) in Zimbabwe was when my husband and I moved to africa.
We lived near one of the memorials for the locals this is where the Early africans buried their loved ones..
As a ninety year old woman you can imagine the number of things that I have seen in my time. I believe in the supernatural world as a result of Many years. One of my oldest encounters with a ghost (if that's what you would prefer to Call them) in Zimbabwe was when my husband and I moved to Africa.
We lived near one of the memorials for the locals this is where the Early africans buried their loved ones.. There were Many piles of stones that indicated where a body was buried. Many times during the night I would wake up to odd noises coming from our kitchen-I decided to investigate the one night and found an Odd murky figure slamming our doors shut.
It was angry. And I was scared."

Mel 1950

Makande rural clinic

Makande rural clinic situated 60 kilometres south-west of Karoi town was forced to close for two weeks after nurses fled following attacks by ‘’goblins’’ prompting traditional leaders to hire people to exorcise the area (tsikamutandas).

Makande isa malaria prone area is under Chief Musampakaruma of Nyaminyami’s Kariba rural area.

Villagers said the goblins attacks came at a time when nurses were busy with a malaria programme aimed at reducing malaria related deaths, which are prevalent in the area.

Villager Edmore Mukapa of Kadziro area said, ‘’we were not expecting goblins to attack nurses who are trying hard to reduce malaria outbreak here. It’s unfortunate for us’’

A teacher at Makande primary school said school children were also causalities of attacks daily. The whole area being prone to Tokoloshi.

‘’Goblins attacking nurses leave us vulnerable. Goblins owners do not accept payments to their demands. You can not force them to accept the payments because of the Witch-craft Suppression Act. It’s a complicated issue’’ said a teacher who refused to be named for fear of victimisation. They seem to be beeing controled by people in the area.  But who?

Chief Musampakaruma hired tsikamutandas to expose suspects possessing goblins after nurses were attacked.

Villagers hailed the move to hire tsikamutandas to ‘’clean up witchcraft’’ although Chief Musampakaruma was not available for comment.

Nyaminyami council chief executive officer Isaac Mackenzie confirmed that traditional leaders hired tsikamutanda following complaints by victims of the attacks.

Although tsikamutandas are accused of sowing divisions among families and villagers, in Makande rural their presence is a reprieve.

‘’The attacks on nurses was unwarranted. Nurses are the last line of duty to combat malaria which is common here. Traditional leaders believe hiring of tsikamutandas will clean the area.’’ said Mackenzie.

It could not be independently verified from Hurungwe hospital that covers Makande of recorded malaria related deaths as the officials were out of office. Mashonaland West has had an outbreak of malaria since May.

The Ghosts of Gandavaroyi Falls

A natural wonder that has become the stuff of legend are the Gandavaroyi Falls located about 100 kilometres from Nembudziya Shopping Centre in the sprawling Midlands district of Gokwe.
The lore around the Falls is that from pre-colonial times right up to as late as the 1920’s, locals would throw all suspected witches into these waters, hence the Shona name "Gandavaroyi".

And according to the enduring lore of the place, one of its victims was a woman who was made to — as the Italian Mafia would say, "swim with the fishes", and left behind her twin children.

In 1926 Runyararo Mlambo, who was aged 20, was tossed into the Gandavaroyi Falls after the local community declared her to be a witch.

While two "witnesses" testified against the young woman, no concrete evidence was ever brought before the Dare to determine her guilt.

Many people who live in the area know this lore and they still view the falls with fear and trepidation with few of them venturing to get near these waters.

It is believed that the spirits of the witches still roam the area.

Bridge over the Mukuvisi

 A strange feeling grips one immediately after passing Jaggers Masasa and Danhiko. It happens as one passes over the narrow bridge across the Mukuvisi River... the area is strangely named 'pa11 months'... and is an interesting  story of death, ghosts and strange supernatural happenings. It is said that as couple driving across this bridge witnessed one of these happenings and were so frightened by it that they were involved in an accident and vanished in the pool below the bridge. Their remains  and that of  their car were only discovered after 11 months. So the area around the bridge  inherited the strange name... pa11months.

It is said that one can witness a child crossing the highway or a woman waving for a lift into town. These are  believed to be ghosts and one or both may be what the couple saw before their fatal accident.
Stories about pa11months are well known in area. While some genuinely believe that the spot is cursed and need cleansing, others dismiss them as fabrications of a superstitious lot.

I have never seen a ghost in this area but have often felt a strange and mysterious feeling of relief when I have passedthe spot.  i travel this road on a regular basis and until hearing this story always wondered why I felt this feeling of trepidation.