Thursday, February 26, 2015

Strange happening

Strange And Bizarre… Woman Raped By A Ghost

A Bulawayo woman has died of excessive bleeding after she allegedly had sex with a ghost she reportedly met at a city nightspot.
The woman, Sithandazile Mpofu from Pumula East, died on Monday last week. Before she met her death, she told her sister that she found herself stark naked on top of a grave at Luveve Cemetery.
While narrating her ghostly experience, she started frothing on her mouth and bleeding from her privates.
A close relative confirmed the incident saying Sithandazile died after she complained of having slept with a “man” who she suspected was a ghost.
The relative who refused to be named said following Sithandazile’s mysterious death the family was planning to hire an n’anga to perform some rituals on her grave so that she would not be turned into a “zombie”.
“The way Sithandazile died puzzled everyone. Before she died she claimed that she met a certain man at a city night club which she later suspected was a ghost before he asked her to go to his home for an all night sexual encounter. She agreed but was surprised to find herself stark-naked at Luveve Cemetery while on top of a grave.
“She said while on top of the grave, she was feeling that someone was touching her and his hands were pushing her against her will. She said she was feeling the weight of a man on top of her but she couldn’t see anybody. While narrating her ordeal she started frothing and bleeding from her privates and that is when her sister discovered that something mysterious had happened to her.
“She was taken to Esiphezini where her health deteriorated before she was taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals. She however, died two days later. We later thought that she was supposed to be taken to a prophet or inyanga since the problem looked supernatural,” said Sithandazile’s distraught relative

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