Friday, August 6, 2010

Bridge over the Mukuvisi

 A strange feeling grips one immediately after passing Jaggers Masasa and Danhiko. It happens as one passes over the narrow bridge across the Mukuvisi River... the area is strangely named 'pa11 months'... and is an interesting  story of death, ghosts and strange supernatural happenings. It is said that as couple driving across this bridge witnessed one of these happenings and were so frightened by it that they were involved in an accident and vanished in the pool below the bridge. Their remains  and that of  their car were only discovered after 11 months. So the area around the bridge  inherited the strange name... pa11months.

It is said that one can witness a child crossing the highway or a woman waving for a lift into town. These are  believed to be ghosts and one or both may be what the couple saw before their fatal accident.
Stories about pa11months are well known in area. While some genuinely believe that the spot is cursed and need cleansing, others dismiss them as fabrications of a superstitious lot.

I have never seen a ghost in this area but have often felt a strange and mysterious feeling of relief when I have passedthe spot.  i travel this road on a regular basis and until hearing this story always wondered why I felt this feeling of trepidation.

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