Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did I really see them?

Two of my very best friends passed away some time ago - they were best friends as well and I miss them dreadfully.

K and L - the sort of friends you could laugh and cry with and share your innermost thoughts.

I was thinking of K - died so young and suddenly - as I sat on the bench she gave me for the garden before she left Zimbabwe.

The bench is at the side of the swimming pool and I often go there to think and meditate - looking into the pool almost using it as a crystal ball.

I saw a mist rise from the pool and before I knew it I was talking to L - she appeared as a head and shoulders figure and he head movements and laughter were just as they had been when she was alive. we talked on may subjects including her Husband's remarriage - which she was pleased about - and a dear friend of our who was ill. She told me this friend would not live for 18 months.

Suddenly L - our dear friend who had been stung to death by bees - appeared - she was laughing and joking as she had done in life.

The whole instance must have lasted for about 15 minutes - until they faded away back into the depths of the pool.

An interested and enlightening experience - I hope it happens again

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The ghost moves on - but stays put!

So our friendly ghost who continuously amuses us with its pranks........Is amuse the word - frustrate might be better..........has now started its tricks at our next door house as well!

The wife was a hairdresser and wig maker and does her own hair - as would be logical she has a hair drier and has been using the same one for a few years with no problems.

This last week it would not work - her husband looked at it and discovered that the live and earth wires had been swapped!!!!!

No one had been in the house except the family and the hair drier appeared not to have been opened??? Very strange - perhaps our ghost is getting bored as there are only my husband and myself to spook at the moment!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Marendellas Ghost

We lived in a farm cottage just outside Marondellas (now Marondera) in the early 1970s.

It was a one story house which had been built onto on a number of occasions and it had a lovely beamed ceiling in the living room.

We had a Labrador dog - which sat with us every evening.

We had not been in the house very long when we noted that the dog's hair would stand up on end and she would growl while looking at the door to the guest wing of the house.

We could see nothing but she was obviously very agitated by what she saw or heard.

On enquiring of our landlord we discovered that the house had been built for her parents and her father had passed away in the house.

Once we knew who was visiting us we would invite him in when the dog growled and soon even the dog got used to our ghostly visitor