Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The story of Lesley

Lesley was a soul mate and her passing so prematurely was a very big blow to me, and to all who knew her - her husband told me the following story - although not in Zimbabwe - Lesley was from here so it is relivent.
This was written by her husband:

Well as you know Lesley passed away on 14th March 2006 and within 48 hr of her death I noticed a small rabbit nibbling the spring leaves off the wild Geranium in the garden. This rabbit stayed for some time in the garden and was quite tame but wild all the same. I got quite close to it and I had this strange feeling of familiarity when looking into its eye.
Last year at about the same time we had another rabbit in the garden which stayed and grew to quite a size before moving on.
We got quite attached as some how we drew comfort in the feeling that this was Lesley in spirit coming back in the form of a rabbit to see how we were.
So this year we waited with bated breath to see what would happen.
Sure enough at about 16th March an adult rabbit came into the garden. "last year's one??" and a short while later we had a young one take up residence and gambolling about on the lawn eating choice weeds growing in the lawn.
As I type this it has been basking in the sun at the edge of the driveway close to the shelter of the hedge as an escape route.
So is this coincidence or just our imaginations playing with us.
Sure we live right on the edge of a meadow and the garden is a safe haven as we don't have any dogs or the like to chase it off.
I leave that for you to decide.
Next year we will not be in residence here as Adam will be in Cardiff, Karen in Southampton and I will be in Cape Town so we will not be here to test the theory.
My feeling is that nature would repeat the sequence.