Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We had to move house!

The house in Coltman Road must have had a sad tale to tell. My husband and I moved into the house shortly after we were married and decided to take as our bedroom a large room at the rear of the house with french doors leading off onto a patio. It was airy and had a view across the garden.

Soon after we took up residence I woke to a feeling of terror. I needed to go to the bathroom but was too afraid to move from my bed. I did not know that my husband had had a similar feeling a few night before and had decided not to go down the corridor to the bathroom to clean his teeth.

We put up with this manifestation for some time - there were nights when all was well - others when we huddled in bed until dawn broke and the feeling left us. What was it? In the end we moved out - not wanting any more stolen sleep!

I wonder if the people who live in the house now experience the same feeling of dread?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A cube of ice?

My father-in-law had gone away on holiday and organised for the furniture in his living room to be sent for recovering. My husband and I went every morning to the house to open up windows and curtains and returned in the evening to close the windows and curtains. On one occasion we walked into the room and near the centre discovered a 'patch' that was colder than the rest of the room. We investigated by moving around and going in and out of the 'cube', reaching up our arms to see if the air was warmer above a certain height and trying to find a shape for the phenomena. it was a definite cube about 6 ft square and six feet high. As we moved around it became colder and colder.

The month was December and the weather was hot and humid. The temperature often reaches 35 degrees or more. The temperature in the 'cube' was icy!

We went about closing windows - although neither of us wanted to go down the passage alone - and left the house before dusk!

It was an extremely creepy experience.

Some year or so later we moved into this same house but never experienced the cube of ice again.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Do we have a poltergeist?

Poltergeists are usually associated with children and teenagers - neither which we have living in our house.

And yet we have a poltergeist in residence.

My husband has a tie pin which is very old and of Indian origin.

He wore it to a wedding some time ago and after the ceremony took off his tie (he hates ties) and inserted the tie pin into the tie which he placed in his pocket. i saw him do this.

On returning home he changed out of his suit - it is far to hot to wear here! Took his tie out of his pocket - and guess what - no tie pin - he thought he had lost it. we looked in every pocket and it definitely was not there.

The suit was worn again - no tie pin in evidence.

We were going out one evening and he went to put on his suit and - the dreaded tie - the tie pin appeared in his pocket!

This is just one of appearances and disappearences that happen on a regular basis in our house.


1999 seemed to be the year of the Tokolosh - these reports are just some of those that came through that year. Are they real?
In 1999, a woman of in the Bradfield suburb of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, paid an inyanga (n'anga) to exorcise her home. Although of Portuguese descent, the woman had grown up in Africa.
She believed that a neighbour's maid had summoned a tokoloshe that was tormenting her.

The exorcism was apparently successful, and the suspected maid fell ill and had to leave.

In the same year, Mr. K. K. Manyika, director of security for Zimbabwe's parliament, said that he had been attacked by several invisible tokoloshes sent by a disgruntled employee.

In July of that year, six women in Guruve, Zimbabwe, resigned as teachers after accusing a male colleague of using a tokoloshi to bewitch them so that he could rape them as they slept.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fire Ball in the House

It was late afternoon on a Sunday and I was about to entre the drawing room from the kitchen - which was situated across the hall. I had a tray in my hands and so was moving carefully. i was just about to step into the room when I saw a fire ball come in through the front window - it passed through the glass! The ball, which was about 3 inched in diamiter and seemed to be spinning, bounced off the opposite wall - came back to the wall near the window it had entered by and then exited by a window at the back of the room.

I could not move as I watched it move about the room. There was no sound. The temperature in the room remained the same.

What was it?

Where did it come from?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ghostly Knocks on the Door

When I first met my husband he lived in a rambling house in one of the northern suberbs of harare. the house must have been built around 1950 and was surrounded by similar buildings on the road.

He recounted to me the story concerning his experiences in his room. His room was a small bedroom half way down a corridor with other doors leading to other similar rooms. The doors were all made of wood and opened inwards.

The furnishings in this particular room were what one would expect in a small bedroom - a bed, bedside table with a lamp, a wardrobe, dresser and a bookcase. nothing unusual.

My husband recounts that he would often be woken in the middle of the night by strange scrapings on the door - coming from the hall. These would change in to knocks and would move from top to bottom of the door and increase in volume.

On opening the door nothing could be seen and all went silent.

After some months of enduring the noise my husband went out and bought a crusifix which he hung in the room. The strange knocks and scarpings stopped.