Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ghost next door

I have spoken on a number of occasions about the ghosts we have in our house and once about a phenomenon next door.
Bear in mind that these people are very down to earth, solid British people who are inclinded to dismiss ideas of ghosts.
I have now discovered that our neighbours, who are good friends, had a guest who saw a materialisation that appeared in one room and then disappeared through a brick wall into the dining room area. They investigated and found nothing.

The apparition was a tall man dressed in modern clothing.

The story that our properties are actually built over a grave yard is very possible. This was the first area , in those days, outside what was Salisbury, that was farmed as a market garden. All the figures we have seen seem to stem from this period which was during the 1930s.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lady and her dog

There is a house near the University in Harare which stands out in a road of common place single story ranch type houses. It is painted pink and is double storied with arches over the patio in front.
It was originally built many years ago and then added onto. The double story section is the new part of the house. The older section houses a study, bedroom and bathroom and it is in the section that the Lady and her dog are often seen.
She is dressed in a long white dress - is very attractive and is accompanied by a white poodle on a lead.

It is interesting that in Zimbabwe a number of sightings of ghostly beings are accompanied by their pets who were obviously very dear to them in life and remain so in death.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rock paintings

Not far from the city of Harare there are a group of hilly outcrops that house Cave Paintings.

Chipkupu has a series of three caves with paintings - some having been painted over on a number of occasions and all being ancient in origin.

Our family visited these caves some 25 years ago with a party of tree Society members. With us was our then, three year old son.

We had not been in the caves for very long and were examining an over hang with paintings on it.

our son suddenly pipes up "this wasn't like this last time i saw it'. He pointed to some of the newer paintings and proceeded to tell everyone around that under these paintings were those of other animals.

We made a closer look at the rock face and could see a line of older paintings under the newer ones - but could not distinguish what they were. our son announced that they were impala being chased by men and that one of those men was a relative of his!

A childhood fantasy - or was he recalling something from another life?