Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Michael Jackson's ghost seen in Zimbabwe?

Jadyn Cassidy
A reader has informed us of a bizarre story involving a sighting of the ghost of deceased singer, Michael Jackson, that is spreading through the African nation of Zimbabwe.
The sighting of Jackson's ghost occurred at the St Mary's Mission School,a Catholic institution, in Zimbabwe's capital of Harare. Allegedly a group of students aged from twelve to fourteen years were sitting along with some of the nuns that work at St Mary's and watching a nativity play that was organised after school hours.
Children dressed as Mary, Joseph and the Wise Men were on stage when suddenly the lights went out. Then ghost-like being appeared on stage waving a white-gloved hand. The terrified students emptied the hall along with the supervising nuns.
Almost all the students later agreed that it was Michael Jackson that they saw' 'It definitely was MJ' noted Theresa, a student at the school. 'It was his face and his clothes. he smiled and waived at us'
'I saw it too' commented Sister Maria 'it was not human and must have been a spirit. The students later told me it was Michael Jackson'.
News of the otherworldly event spread through the area and some interested locals even visited the hall in the hope that they too might see Jackson's ghost. Belief in ghosts is widespread in Zimbabwe.

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