Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One does not often come across spirits in the bush in Zimbabwe. I have often wondered why.

We were fortunate enough to stay at - a now closed - safari lodge and conservancy in the Bulawayo area recently as guests of the owners.

We were given two rooms one above the other each with balconies and a large bed sitting area and bathroom.

We closed the doors - no locks needed and went for dinner with our friends- on returning our son found his room door open despite him having closed it firmly!

My husband retired after a bath and our son and i stayed siting on the balcony watching the stars and listening to the night noises. At midnight he left to go to his room. We brought in the chairs we had been sitting on and carefully closed the balcony door - i saw him to the staircase between our rooms and closed the door firmly.

On rising the following morning both the balcony door and the door to the staircase were wide open!

There were no other people around and the noise of someone on the stairs and of someone opening the doors would have been more than enough to wake us - especially as we are light sleepers!

What opened the doors? It will remain a mystery!

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