Monday, January 11, 2010

Ghostly Motel

High above Lake Kariba there is a motel long used by travellers as a watering hole on the long journey from Harare to Kariba and an overnight stopping point for visitors to Zambia, Mana Pools and the hunting areas on the Zambezi River.

While living in Zambia I often stayed overnight and the atmosphere in the bar and the food in the restaurant were always good.

However there is one room in this motel that is haunted.

It overlooks the valley below with a picture window over a magnificent view - the best room in the house! But the presence there is evil. I have purposely asked for this room on a few occasions - just to see if my mind and my mood played any part in the feeling I experienced - but each time i felt the same cold breeze and heard the same taps on the wall. On one occasion my parents occupied the room next door and i woke them up to see if there was anything wrong - they were fast asleep and had heard nothing!

Perhaps some wounded hunter had died in this room after being brought back from an unsuccessful hunt - wounded by an elephant or buffalo. Perhaps the spirit of one who loved the valley and wishes to see it again from this vantage point occupies the room?

I have tried to find a reason behind the coldness (even on the hottest nights) and the tapping but no one admits to there being anything in the haunted room.

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  1. bohzo (hello)

    I believe in such things! Africa is one place I have always wanted to visit.