Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seance in Salisbury

My 15th birthday was quite interesting - I w s allowed to wear lipstick for the first time and my parent took me to my first seance.

We went to a very normal house in the Avenues of Salisbury and were net by the owners - the medium and her husband.

There were a small group of people already gathered and after having tea we were led into a plain room with a round table in the middle. it was wood and had no table cloth or covering.
We sat down and held hands and began to say the Lord's prayer. There was silence after this and then tapping came from below the table. The medium asked several questions - one at a time and asked the entity to answer by one tap for yes and two for no.
The questions - all very ordinary and general were all answered within a matter of perhaps 10 seconds.
She asked several questions for people sitting with her. Was 'so and so' (who had recently passed away) happy? Had some one's mother met up with her late father? All questions that meant very little.
I dis not find it frightening in fact - I hate to say I found it rather pathetic.
I found it interesting but I did not actually believe very much of what came out of the seance and it took me many years before I even thought of attending another one!

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