Friday, January 23, 2009

The Exorcism in Harare

I had always thought that exorcisms with water being thrown around and foaming at the mouth were the realm of horror films until one day............

Adrian and I were always being asked to tell ghost stories to a family of teenagers - we were reluctant at first but finally gave in and would sit down and recount our experiences.

The family left the country and we never really kept in touch except at Christmas birthdays.

Suddenly we received a phone call from the eldest of the daughters of the family saying she had returned and could she come and see us. We were delighted at the time.

She came sat down and we offered her a drink - she accepted this and then started to talk. Her first words were "It is all your fault".

While in England she and her sisters had got involved with a rather rough bunch of youngsters - biker types. The sisters - three of them - had also decided to play with the planchet board - 'glassy glassy' as it is often called due to using a glass with fingers placed on it to navigate a circle of letters rather than the traditional pencil suspended over a sheet of paper which writes. (I have used - but will never use again both of these tools).

The bikers persuaded her to use the glass more and more and despite warnings from the entity contacted she continued to do so with grave consequences. She started to behave in a very strange manner - completely out of character. Swearing, throwing things around, even picking up a chair and hurling it at some of her friends.

It was then she realised she needed help.

This is why she returned to Zimbabwe.

We listened to her story and she then explained that she thought she was possessed.

Both my husband and I were at that time involved in spiritual healing and we contacted an old friend of ours who we felt could assist. He agreed to meet the girl and an appointment was made for the following morning.

We were all ushered into his study and his wife brought in a tray of tea which we drank while engaging in light conversation. When our tea was finished the healer got up and asked the girl to sit on a small red velvet stool which he placed in the centre of the room. She immediately went mad - refusing to sit on the stool and battling with my husband and the healer who were trying to force her down. She was lashing around and foaming at the mouth.

The healer called to his wife and myself to get water - the only water we could find close at hand was the dogs bowl which we fetched and poured over her head.

She settled down a bit and we formed a circle holding hands and praying with the healer.

Within about ten minutes she slumped down and I saw an almost sold figure emerge from the girls body.

It was a short woman with club cut blonde hair wearing a dirty, short, sack like dress with a Chevron pattern in beige and blue. it slunk out of her body and made its way towards the door, looking back at me with hatred. It disappeared into thin air.

We all gave a sigh of relief and sat down - the girl looked much better and an glasses of brandy were handed round to all - I for one was shaking.

The healer explained that the figure (which he only saw in black and white) was that of a woman who had died at Belsen and whose spirit had inhabited the body of our friend.
Needless to say none of us have ever used the glass or the planchet board again and never will.
Take warning!!!!!

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  1. Wow, amazing story hey, goes to show to always be careful and prepared in life as spirits can do this... :)
    Glad to hear the girl is better now..