Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boy with a Dog

Does this look like a haunted house? Well it is.

The tall white figure appears in this room and our other ghost walks through the door seen on the right of this photograph.

When our sons were both young they both started seeing the boy with a dog. The apparition is of a young boy - about 12 years old wearing khaki school shorts and shirt with a floppy hat in the style of the 50s, and holding, on a short lead, a mongrel dog.

He walks through the door and then after reaching the middle of the back of the room behind the chair in the picture - just disappears!

Over the last few years both my husband and i have also seen the boy.

He appears to know where he is going and is quite at home. He is not a frighting ghost and we just accept him.

Some year or so ago i was with a group of people at a club meeting when a young man of about 24 came over and introduced himself.

'I don't suppose you remember me', he said as he introduced himself. 'I used to stay at your house with your children'.

I commented that i did not recognise him but he must have changed over the 12 years that had gone by.

Out of the blue he said, 'Do you still see the boy and the dog? I used to be quite scared of staying in the house as I always saw him'.

No one in the room could have told him the story as no one knew about it - we kept the story quiet thinking people would consider us mad at believing in our ghost!

We still see the boy and his dog and would love to know why they haunt us. Did he perhaps fall down a hole on this property. there is talk of our house being built on what was an old graveyard - i think not - that is a common story to explain ghosts.

One day we may find out his origins and perhaps he will find peace.

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