Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ghost Hunters in Zimbabwe

During the 1970s in Harare both my father and my husband became 'ghost hunters'.

When one thinks of Africa one does not always think of ghosts - the general perception is that they belong to a more sophisticated society. Ghosts do belong in Africa! They manifest themselves throught the continent.

They don't only appear at night - there is a well documented case in Hatfield, a suburb of Harare, where an apperition of a woman struck the house owner (who we shall call Moses)three times on the face at 11 am in broad daylight. Moses was a civil servant and not prone to exageration. Both he and his wife Loveness had experienced crockery rattling after dark and other strange noises. Apparitions had manifested themmselves and the couple and their small son were scared enough to move out from the house and stay with friends a few streets away.

Mose's teenage brother was sleeping in one of the bedrooms when he woke to find a white figure standing over him. the figure was trying to haul him out of bed onto the floor. He fled the house and refused to return. Mose's said that his brother described the figure as a European woman with large eyes.

This same woman appeared to Moses on another occassion - but this time she was wearing red. Moses called in my father to investigate....to be continued.

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