Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A White Figure Appears

Our house is relitively modern - open - lots of windows - no dark crannies - and yet it is haunted. Today I will relate the story of a white figure which inhabits our residence.

It is a tall, thin specter who prefers to stand behind and to the right of who ever he, (I say he as I sense it is male) chooses to appear to. One feels a slight breeze, a presence strong enough to make one's head turn in order to find out who is standing behind you. As you look up towards 'his' face he dissolves and disappears. No one has ever seen his face but all the family has experienced his visitation.

Who can he be? Why does he appear to us? He never appears at any particular junction in our lives - just out of the blue and for no given reason.

There is no strange history about the house we occupy. I have been told there was a graveyard nearby - we have yet to substantiate this - it seems an all too common reason for a haunting. I don't think it is a ghost from a long abandoned graveyard.
I eould love to know his reason for returning.

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