Friday, March 27, 2009

More Nyanga meetings

We awoke one morning to find a baby dove with its feet tied with string made from bark.

We immediately knew it was witchcraft and after freeing the dove and placing it in a cage called Sunday to get rid of the spell.

He came with his normal 'equipment', threw the bones and announced that our ex - gardener wanted our domestic worker's job and was trying to kill him.

An appropriate mixture of herbs and liquid was made, his fly whisk put into action and the mixture offered to our domestic who had to had to eat some of this. The remainder of the mixture was scattered around the garden.

We were told not to let the ex - gardener onto the premises.

Our Nyanga told us that all would be alright as he had broken the spell. we never saw the gardener again and our domestic worker is still alive after many years.
What has to be remembered is that these are day to day occurrences in Zimbabwe - sometimes the witchcraft comes from living beings, sometimes from the spirit world.

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