Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Great Zimbabwe haunted?

I have visited the Ruins of great Zimbabwe on many occassions. One in particular is of interest.

My husband, parents and I travelled down to Masvingo with the intention of visiting the Conical Tower - pictured here - at midnight and discover if we could feel any presence at all.

We had a light supper but nothing to drink and proceeded to the Conical Tower (in those days one had no fences or gates on the site). We took up positions around the tower and waited.

It was a lovely moonlit night and we would have been able to see anything that appeared.

There was nothing - we waited longer - but nothing - not even a bat!!! Certainly no ghosts. We left the site at about 2:30 am - rather disappointed!

Perhaps we should go back when the moon is hidden? Who knows.

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