Monday, November 10, 2008


1999 seemed to be the year of the Tokolosh - these reports are just some of those that came through that year. Are they real?
In 1999, a woman of in the Bradfield suburb of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, paid an inyanga (n'anga) to exorcise her home. Although of Portuguese descent, the woman had grown up in Africa.
She believed that a neighbour's maid had summoned a tokoloshe that was tormenting her.

The exorcism was apparently successful, and the suspected maid fell ill and had to leave.

In the same year, Mr. K. K. Manyika, director of security for Zimbabwe's parliament, said that he had been attacked by several invisible tokoloshes sent by a disgruntled employee.

In July of that year, six women in Guruve, Zimbabwe, resigned as teachers after accusing a male colleague of using a tokoloshi to bewitch them so that he could rape them as they slept.

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