Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A goblin?

A family from Bulawayo’s Nketa 7 suburb dumped its tenant’s “goblin” at the Tshabalala Police Station, sending cops fleeing in different directions.
A family that claimed a lodger owned the goblin brought it to the station in a suitcase.
The officer said a traditional healer who had come with the family opened the suitcase and a weird looking creature jumped out of a bottle that was filled with blood.
The article goes on to explain a chaotic scene of (fat and slim) officers running for their lives, screaming to escape. The creature was said to smell terrible but, VERY INTERESTINGLY, the descriptions of the thing vary considerably:
Some said it looked like a snake with the head of a dog and others said it was a dog with scales like a pangolin.
The healer who brought it was said to have then dispatched it.
What THE HELL? There is no such thing as a reasonable goblin story, they are all absurd and reflect some strange cultural belief in Zimbabwe. In fact, Zimbabwe goblin tales are some of our most popular stories. And so it continues.
What might have happened here? It sounds like they brought something rank and disgusting to the station in order to scare the bejeezus out of people and make the healer look like a hero. Or it was to get their lodger in trouble. Convenient that we never get remains from these creatures. Many normal creatures may be considered monsters, such as the pangolin mentioned. There are several possibilities and we likely won’t be able to know as the superstition is too strong with this country.
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