Saturday, May 1, 2010

Making contact

Sorry for the silence I have been having Internet and power problems- again! 

A friend of ours who is a motorbike fanatic and far from the sort of person you would expect to believe in the supernatural told me of two occurrences of physic activity he experienced.
The first was when his mother died.  He was away at the time and on returning to the house some days later he told me that he was sitting in his usual chair in the drawing room when his mother appeared to him and held a long conversation informing him that she was happy and no longer in pain.

His second experience came some time later.
He has always been a very kind person and looked after young people who were not having a happy family life.
One such young man was  wild but kind hearted and appreciated what he was given  in the way a lifestyle.
A week before he was killed in a senseless car accident he came to see me and it had been almost as if he knew he was not longer on this earth.  We talked and said a lot about life that day.

After his death he appeared to my motorcycle friend.  Again saying he was content.
Was this a figment of my firnd's imagination - or did these people appear to him and talk to him?

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