Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rock paintings

Not far from the city of Harare there are a group of hilly outcrops that house Cave Paintings.

Chipkupu has a series of three caves with paintings - some having been painted over on a number of occasions and all being ancient in origin.

Our family visited these caves some 25 years ago with a party of tree Society members. With us was our then, three year old son.

We had not been in the caves for very long and were examining an over hang with paintings on it.

our son suddenly pipes up "this wasn't like this last time i saw it'. He pointed to some of the newer paintings and proceeded to tell everyone around that under these paintings were those of other animals.

We made a closer look at the rock face and could see a line of older paintings under the newer ones - but could not distinguish what they were. our son announced that they were impala being chased by men and that one of those men was a relative of his!

A childhood fantasy - or was he recalling something from another life?

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