Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did I really see them?

Two of my very best friends passed away some time ago - they were best friends as well and I miss them dreadfully.

K and L - the sort of friends you could laugh and cry with and share your innermost thoughts.

I was thinking of K - died so young and suddenly - as I sat on the bench she gave me for the garden before she left Zimbabwe.

The bench is at the side of the swimming pool and I often go there to think and meditate - looking into the pool almost using it as a crystal ball.

I saw a mist rise from the pool and before I knew it I was talking to L - she appeared as a head and shoulders figure and he head movements and laughter were just as they had been when she was alive. we talked on may subjects including her Husband's remarriage - which she was pleased about - and a dear friend of our who was ill. She told me this friend would not live for 18 months.

Suddenly L - our dear friend who had been stung to death by bees - appeared - she was laughing and joking as she had done in life.

The whole instance must have lasted for about 15 minutes - until they faded away back into the depths of the pool.

An interested and enlightening experience - I hope it happens again

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